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1st October 2021 | Google Ads Uncategorised

The 7 Deadly Sins of Google Ads

Thou shalt not commit these sins, lest thou wish to spend hard earned coins and see no profit 😬 Don’t do Google Ads if your business is not a...

By Davor Parker
Keyword Intention is Everything
30th September 2021 | Google Ads Keywords

Keyword Intent is Critical to Google Ads Success

Want to know an easy way to waste money with Google Ads? 💷 Ignore Keyword Intent, and watch your ad spend go down the toilet! 🚽 We see this...

By Davor Parker
20th February 2017 | PPC Quality Score

What Is Quality Score & How To Improve It

When managing an AdWords account it is crucial that you continuously work on improving your Quality Score. A higher Quality Score can result in better positions and lower CPC’s...

By Laura Parker
16th January 2017 | Landing Pages

Why is your landing page so important?

One thing you’ll hear talked about a lot in the world of PPC is your landing page. A landing page has the ability to make or break your paid...

By Laura Parker
adwrods change history
14th December 2016 | AdWords PPC

Don’t Obsess Over Your Change History

It can be really useful when managing AdWords campaigns to refer back to your change history. Various changes are tracked by this tool and as well as tracking the...

By Laura Parker