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The 7 Deadly Sins of Google Ads

1st October 2021 | Google Ads Uncategorised

Thou shalt not commit these sins, lest thou wish to spend hard earned coins and see no profit 😬

  1. Don’t do Google Ads if your business is not a good fit for it – you will waste your money.
  2. Don’t try to do it yourself unless you have years of experience and a successful track record.
  3. Don’t start a campaign without prior research – keywords, search volume, click prices, competitors, barriers to entry, etc.
  4. Don’t start a campaign unless your landing pages are as good as, or better than, your competitors.
  5. Don’t start out with automated bidding strategies, you will waste your budget.
  6. Don’t use Google Ads if your profit per sale is tiny – you won’t absorb the cost of sale (see point 1).
  7. Don’t run a campaign without proper conversion tracking – you won’t know what’s working or not working.

Hope the above is useful!  If I can give you any advice, just drop me a line at


By Davor Parker – Managing Director

Davor created Tiger Eye Digital with his partner Laura in 2016. One of his primary beliefs is that Google Ads should be applied only to businesses that are a good fit for it.

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