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Keyword Intent is Critical to Google Ads Success

Keyword Intention is Everything
30th September 2021 | Google Ads Keywords

Want to know an easy way to waste money with Google Ads? 💷

Ignore Keyword Intent, and watch your ad spend go down the toilet! 🚽

We see this too often, and it drives us mad! Keyword Intent should be at the heart of your campaign strategy!

Keyword Intent is the reason behind a user’s search, i.e. their intention!

You need the intention to match closely with what you’re selling.

Here’s a very basic example to illustrate…

CLIENT A offers a high-end CCTV installation service.

Here are three keywords – only one of which has the correct intent:

❌ “CCTV” – The intent behind this keyword will be hugely mixed. It is not specific enough and will waste a LOT of money for the client.

❌ “CCTV cameras” – The majority of users will be looking for cheap CCTV cameras off the shelf. The client doesn’t do ‘off the shelf’, so this would waste money.

✔ “CCTV installation company” – Intent is closely matched to the client. Also, when users add ‘company’ to a search, it’s usually because they are looking for a supplier and not just researching.

In summary, put Keyword Intent at the heart of your campaign strategy, it might just be the most critical concept in Google Ads.


By Davor Parker – Managing Director

Davor created Tiger Eye Digital with his partner Laura in 2016. One of his primary beliefs is that Google Ads should be applied only to businesses that are a good fit for it.

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