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About Us

We are Tiger Eye Digital

An honest, no-nonsense Google Ads PPC agency helping companies find customers online.

Based in Warrington in Cheshire, Tiger Eye Digital was formed to offer a straightforward solution for businesses (located anywhere in the UK) that are looking for a partner to create and manage their Google Ads and PPC campaigns – to drive leads, sales and brand awareness.

At the heart of our brand is our unwavering belief in the power of Google Ads and PPC marketing for finding new customers online and fuelling business growth.

We set up and manage all types of campaigns for SME’s including;

  1. Google Ads text ads (formerly called AdWords) in Google and Bing
  2. Remarketing (the adverts that follow you around the internet after you’ve visited a website)
  3. Google Shopping campaigns
  4. Facebook ads (and Instagram!)
  5. Display ads

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Our values

Tiger Eye is a semi-precious stone that symbolises honesty.

We chose the name because honesty and transparency are our most important brand values.

It’s one of the ways we differentiate ourselves in the market.

How do we demonstrate honesty and transparency?

We need to believe that Google Ads/PPC is a good fit for a client before we’ll work with them.

No long contracts – the only thing that retains our clients is results.

We encourage our clients to use software that helps them calculate their exact ROI.

Personal service

Delivering a personal service to our clients is an essential part of the Tiger Eye experience.

We give away a lot of free advice – this is something we’re known for.  This helps prospective clients evaluate us before engaging us formally.

Tiger Eye is more than just a service provider, we’re a partner supporting our clients to achieve their most fundamental goals; customer acquisition and business growth.

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Our Mission

To help our clients grow their businesses using Google Ads & PPC combined with absolute honesty, measurability and a personal approach.

That’s it – our (not so) secret formula.