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Are you struggling with Google Ads?

Are you seeing low conversion rates and high cost per conversion?

Is your cost per conversion too high to make a profit?

Or are you just unsure whether your Google Ads are performing as well as they should be?

The reason companies use Google Ads is to find customers, but that process needs to be profitable.  The cost to acquire a new customer using Google Ads needs to be significantly less than the average lifetime value of a customer to your business.

The concept is very simple but the execution can be complex.  If not set up and managed correctly, Google Ads can fail to perform properly, potentially wasting your marketing budget.  If that is the point you’ve reached, you really need to get a respected second opinion on your Google Ads campaigns or switch them off and invest in other marketing channels that work for you.


How we can help you

Whether your account is handled in-house or externally with an agency, we can give you a free second opinion that will help you work out how to proceed.

There are a lot of reasons why Google Ads can fail to meet expectations but generally speaking, it comes down to one of two things;

  1. Your business is simply not a good fit for Google Ads
  2. Your Google Ads campaigns have not been set up and managed in the best way

We help businesses by giving free advice as to whether Google Ads is actually a good fit for your business.  Not every business is suitable, for reasons that we can help identify.

We also help businesses by giving a free professional second opinion on how their Google Ads campaigns have been set up and managed.  There are so many ways to set up and manage Google Ads campaigns, and when we carry out campaign reviews, we find that in at least 8 times out of 10 cases, there are mistakes and/or incorrect strategy – which means we can identify opportunities for significant improvement.


What we’ll look at

We’ll normally spend about an hour or two on the review, and we’ll analyse these areas of your account:

  • Account structure – the architecture of an account is critical to it’s success – we’ll identify any areas for improvement
  • Quality Score – we’ll analyse the Quality Score of your keywords and make suggestions on how to improve them
  • Campaign settings – such as bid strategy, location targeting, demographics, ad settings, etc
  • Where your spend is going – ensuring your budget is being spent in the right places and not wasted on irrelevant clicks
  • Ad copy – we’ll identify if improvements and extensions to your ad copy can increase your click through rate
  • Landing pages – we can make suggestions on how you could optimise your landing pages and improve conversion rate (often the most overlooked aspect of Google Ads!)

There are other areas of review, and we’ll include all of our findings in a report.  The review and report are completely free of charge.  We like to give free advice, it’s great for our brand reputation and it often leads to new business in the long term.

If you think our review could help you, please fill out the form on this page (or call us on 01925 861 649 or email us at to start talking to us) and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

Don’t worry, we promise you won’t be opening the floodgates to a selling process, that’s absolutely not the way we do things at Tiger Eye Digital.