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Display Ads

Display Ads

With Display Ads, you can promote your products or services by targeting different types of people as they browse the internet, watch videos on YouTube, and check their emails on Gmail.

When you see ads on websites, they are more than likely to be Google Display Ads. The ads are made up of images and text and when you click on them you land on the advertiser’s website.

These ads are controlled through the Google Ads platform which enables you to place your ads on websites that are part of the Google Display Network, which covers over 90% of the internet!

The really clever thing about Display Ads is the different ways you can target certain types of people to see your ad.


How does it work?

Display Ads enable you to get your sales message (in an ad format) in front of those people that are most likely to consume your products or services – whilst they are browsing the internet.

Powerful targeting options are available to you when creating a Display Ads campaign;

  • Demographics – you can target people based in their age, gender, location, parental status, income.
  • Browser History – you can target people who have previously visited your own website, people who have visited your competitors’ websites, or people who have visited other websites which are relevant to your business.
  • Search History – you can target people who have previously searched using specific keywords which are relevant to your business.
  • Similar Audiences – you can also target people who are similar to the people you have already selected to target.

There are two different types of these image ads available to you;

  • Responsive Display Ads – these ads use images of your product or service, your company logo, and a number of different headlines and descriptions.  Google will then put these elements together to form your ad, and it will rotate the headlines and descriptions using machine learning to find the combination with the best click through rate.  You only need to create one ad for each campaign, and it will be automatically resized into the numerous different ad size formats (around 20 different sizes).
  • Uploaded Image Ads – this requires you to design your own ads to be used in your Display Ads campaign. This gives you full control over the look and feel of the ads but requires you to create multiple different versions of the same ad (around 20 different sizes) so your ads can be shown in various ad positions on the Google Display Network.

What we can do for you

We can create and manage your Display Ads campaigns and target people that are most likely to be interested in purchasing your products or services.

If you would like to talk more about Display Ads, get in touch with us today.