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Our Story

Our Story

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Tiger Eye Digital was formed in 2016, by Davor Parker and Laura Blackburn, and here is their story…

Davor was the co-founder and Managing Director of one of the UK’s leading online serviced apartments booking agencies. With the help of his brother and father, he built the company from scratch in 2003 and went on to sell over £20M of bookings per year. It was started in a couple of bedrooms, and it went on to employ 49 fantastic people in their Lancaster office.

The growth of Davor’s company was initially fuelled by SEO. However, by 2008, growth from SEO had declined and the business looked for new marketing channels. In 2008, Davor hired Laura to set up and manage PPC campaigns for the company. Laura came from a digital agency background and specialised in PPC for a variety of large and small companies.

What happened after that was several years of growth for the company, the highest revenues in the company’s history, and the expansion of the team to almost 50 people – and most of the growth was fuelled by Laura’s Google Ads campaigns, which became the company’s biggest client acquisition channel.

Seeing first-hand how it can transform a business, Davor became a huge fan of PPC marketing. He also became a huge fan of Laura, who had made it all happen. She had been responsible for the constant optimisation and improvement of the PPC accounts over a 7 year period, as well as keeping up with the never-ending changes and advances in the paid search platforms.

Eventually, in May 2016, Davor and his family sold their company to their biggest rival, and this opened the door to a brand-new venture…

“When I sold my company, all I could think about was the opportunity to create a digital agency specialising in Google Ads. I was hoping (and praying!) that Laura would want to partner up with me”

Luckily, she did, and together they formed Tiger Eye Digital in Oct 2016.  They saw an opportunity in the market for an agency that specialises in just one area. By putting all of their time and research purely into Google Ads, they saw no reason why they couldn’t offer better results and value for money than the multitude of full-service digital agencies.

“Because we both know exactly what kind of digital agency we’d love to work with as clients, we’ve been able to create Tiger Eye to be that agency. Our top two brand values: honesty and transparency, sums us up well”
– Laura.

And that, in a nutshell, is the story behind Tiger Eye Digital…