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Don’t Obsess Over Your Change History

adwrods change history
14th December 2016 | AdWords PPC

It can be really useful when managing AdWords campaigns to refer back to your change history. Various changes are tracked by this tool and as well as tracking the change, it tells you what date and time it happened, along with who actually made the change. Actions tracked by the change history are:

  • Ad: New ads, edited ads, paused, resumed or deleted ads
  • Budget: Changes to budgets
  • Bid: Bid changes at ad group or keyword level
  • Conversions:New conversions, edited or deleted conversions
  • Network: New network targeting
  • Keyword: New keywords, paused, resumed or deleted keywords
  • Status: Any paused, resumed or deleted campaigns, ad groups, keywords or ads
  • Targeting:Any changes to language and location targeting

If you forget to record the date you updated something or want to look back at what an employee or agency has done over a certain period – this tool is the answer to your prayers.

It is important when reviewing the change history of your campaigns to not get too wrapped up in how often changes are being made.

In the past, I have seen agencies making changes to an account every day, sometimes multiple times every day. All in an attempt to prove to their client that they are worth their management fee. This kind of behaviour is a real bugbear of mine!

By making it look like they are “busy” making changes to your account all the time what they are actually doing is harming the campaigns and fooling you into thinking they are doing a good job.

You do not and should not be making changes to your paid marketing campaigns every single day. Anyone that tells you different is trying to pull the wool over your eyes!

It’s common sense really, if you make a change with the hope that it will improve your campaign and then you continue to make another change the next day, another the next day, and so on, how can you possibly know what change is having what affect?

Experimentation is absolutely the key to PPC success but any experiment you set up, needs time to run so you can then look back and evaluate the performance.

It is important to carefully plan for every change you make in your campaigns, decide on the time you want the experiment to run, decide on what factors you will be using to determine the success or failure of that experiment and then decide how long you will let it run before reviewing the results.

So, please remember that making changes for changes sake will have a detrimental impact on your campaigns. Always carefully consider each update you make and methodically record and report on the results.



By Laura Blackburn – Digital Marketing Director

With 10 years experience of managing paid campaigns of all sizes across multiple platforms Laura is responsible for setting up and managing our clients’ PPC accounts.

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