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The traditional model of PPC was based on users entering a search query into a search engine and advertisers competing to appear in the top positions of the sponsored listings with their text ads.

Many other methods of paid advertising have since evolved but the importance of text ads is still as relevant as ever. It is a fantastic way to drive business to your website in a transparent, measurable way. You are able to see, in real time, how your campaigns are working for you and can react and make changes instantly.

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Basic Overview

A basic overview of how text ad campaigns work:

  • You set maximum bids on the keywords and phrases that you think your customers will be searching on and write compelling text ads to entice them to click through to your website
  • Users type those keywords into the search engine
  • Your bid enters an auction with other advertisers bidding on those phrases
  • A complex algorithm decides, based on multiple factors, where your ad should appear
  • A user clicks your ad, goes through to your website, and you pay a fee

Quality Score

The algorithm that decides both what position your ad will appear in as well as how much you will pay per click is based heavily on Quality Score. Quality Score is a score from 1-10, 10 being the best. Search engines use this score to work out how relevant your ad is to what the user is searching for. We can optimise your Quality Score so that you get the most relevant traffic to your website at the lowest cost per click.

What we can do for you

Managing text ads is not a simple task! This is where we can help. We are experts in our field, we have years of experience and we are obsessed with keeping ourselves up to date on the latest developments, as things in paid search are changing all the time!

We can create, deliver and manage highly effective text ad campaigns for your business. If you already have text ads campaigns running and are stuck for how to progress, we can take over the management for you and optimise the campaigns for success.

It’s not a set it up and let it run process. Good text ads campaigns need to be constantly monitored, improved and ongoing experimentation is key to success.

If you’d like to find out more about our services or would like us to take a look at your campaigns (free of charge!) to give you some tips, please get in touch with us today. We genuinely care about the clients we work for and would love to help your business grow.

Want a free second opinion on your Google AdWords account?