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For many years the rise of mobile was talked about within the world of search marketing. In 2016, mobile overtook desktop for the very first time when we saw more searches being conducted via mobile devices than on desktop computers.

This fact highlights just how important mobile has become within the world of search.

Users haven’t changed their behaviour to search on mobile instead of desktop, they are using their devices in a new way. Users search for what they need right now on their mobile device, often with an instant need, such as services near to their geographic location.

Also, the customer journey has changed. Today’s consumer is able to access information 24/7, they can get online at home, at work or on the move. People today have become highly internet savvy and will browse around the web before committing to purchasing from one company. Very often people conduct the first part of this research into a purchase on their mobile device. Therefore, it’s critical that when users are in this early research phase, looking for products or services on their mobile, they find your company.

Making sure that your website is mobile friendly is also absolutely key to success. There is little value in sending people through to your website via a mobile device if the experience they will have there is below standard. You can adopt a mobile website or ensure that your desktop site is responsive to all screen sizes in order to ensure your website is working across devices.

What we can do for you

You need a clear mobile strategy to best maximise the performance of your PPC campaigns. The journey to a completed purchase is filled with micro-moments. We will analyse search data in order to get your business in front of consumers at the right time.

We can plan, structure, manage and optimise your campaigns to get the most out of mobile traffic and the best ROI for your business.

If you would like to find out more about mobile search, please get in touch with us today.