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Call Tracking and Measurability

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Measurability and transparency are two of our biggest brand values and we will always strive to ensure our clients can see precisely how much return our Paid Search campaigns generate for their businesses.

The Problem with ROI Calculations

Many companies invest in Paid Search campaigns and are unable to calculate the true ROI on their ad spend. This is because they have no way of knowing how many actual sales have been derived directly from those campaigns.

Your Paid Search agency can tell you how many conversions have been generated by your PPC ad campaigns, but conversions don’t only consist of instant sales that happen directly on the website, they can be enquiry form submissions, and they can be phone calls. In fact, for many companies, all of their sales are derived from enquiry form submissions and phone calls. But how do you know which have come from your ad campaigns or from elsewhere? And how do you know the value of those conversions derived from your ad campaigns? Without proper tracking in place, you don’t, and therefore it’s impossible to know the true ROI on your ad spend.

Call Tracking

At Tiger Eye, our main aim is to generate quality traffic but we don’t just stop there, we’ll help you measure the true success of our campaigns using powerful tracking software. We like to deal in facts, rather than guesses and assumptions. For every £1 that you spend with us, we want you to know precisely what you earn back from your investment.

Using our partner software, we can help you set up tracking for your phone calls, web forms – and create a simple link to your own CRM. You’ll then be able to create reports in your CRM that show customers originating from your PPC campaigns and what those customers have spent with you. Once you know this, you’ll be able to calculate your precise ROI on your ad spend.

Not only this, but you will be able to calculate the ROI on ALL of your channels, not just your Paid Search Campaigns. You will be able to see where ALL of your sales, calls and web forms have come from, whether via your organic search listings, social media posts, referral website, direct traffic, etc.

How does it work?

Once the software is implemented, your website will automatically display a unique telephone number for every visitor that lands on your website. Whenever a customer calls you, the call is routed to your own number and tracked – the software records exactly where that customer has originated from, whether from one of your paid campaigns or any other channel.

When you answer that phone call, you then log the contact details of the call into your CRM system as usual. Following the call, our software will check your CRM database to see if you’ve entered the caller’s details, and automatically adds the source of that call to the record (for example; PPC ad, google organic, magazine advert, etc). If the caller found you from a PPC ad, it will also add additional info such as what keyword they used to find your PPC ad, which is invaluable data to help optimise your campaigns for maximising performance and return.

The same goes for any web enquiry forms – our software captures that data in the same way and populates your CRM with the exact lead source for every enquiry.

When any of those leads convert into actual sales at any time in the future, you’ll have visibility of it whenever you run your sales reports in your CRM. You can filter sales according to the lead source. So, for example if you want to find out what sales were derived from your Paid Search campaigns in any month or year, you can. The same goes for sales derived from any other source, such as organic, social media, direct, referrals, etc.

These sales figures can then be used to work out your exact ROI on your Paid Search ad spend, as well as your ROI on all of your other digital channels.

Simple Implementation

Our tracking software is implemented by adding a code snippet to every page of your website. And the second stage is integration with your CRM system, which is handled via Zapier.

Zapier is an online tool designed to make it easy to connect one web app to another. It is designed for users with little or no technical knowledge and can be set up online within minutes.

Zapier links with all the major CRM systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Zoho, Insightly, Agile, Capsule, Sugar, MS Dynamics, Workbooks, Salpo, and many more. If your CRM isn’t in the list we can help you create simple integrations using webhooks and SQL.


The cost of our tracking software is cheaper than you might expect with prices starting at just £49 per month (plus incoming call charges at 2p per minute for local numbers and 4p per minute for 0800 numbers). For £79 per month, you get 1000 minutes free of charge, and you only pay for excess minutes.

If you’d like to talk about our tracking software, please get in touch with us.