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Our Prices

We offer two services - account setup and ongoing management


Account Setup

We set up or restructure your account (for example, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc).

Our Fee

For the setup or restructure of your Paid Search (PPC) campaigns, we calculate our fee based on the amount of work involved, and apply our hourly rate of £60. We always price account setups honestly and transparently in our proposal, and we’ll always cap this fee so you know the maximum cost before commencing.


Ongoing Management

We manage your Paid Search (PPC) account(s) on a monthly basis to maximise your conversions and ROI.

Our Fee

For ongoing management of your Paid Search accounts, we charge a monthly fee based on your monthly ad spend;

  • £0K – £2.99K ad spend pm – Our monthly fee is a flat fee of £400 pm
  • £3K – £9.99K ad spend pm – Our monthly fee is 15% of your ad spend pm
  • £10K – £25K ad spend pm – Our monthly fee is 13% of your ad spend pm
  • No long contracts (we use rolling monthly contracts)

We find this payment model is ideal for our clients because it is predictable and controllable – you set the budget so there are never any surprises.  Also, because you are not tied into a long contract, it ensures we are highly motivated to do well for you – we need to produce great results every single month to keep you as our client!

An example of what is involved in ongoing management

Monthly activities involved in the ongoing management of a Google AdWords text ads account:

  • Bid management – monitoring performance of keywords, looking at click through rate (CTR), average positions, conversion rate and search query reports to determine whether a bid should be increased or decreased.
  • Ad text experiments – trials of different ad creatives, different messaging, different calls to action, different ad extensions to achieve the best CTR.
  • Ongoing keyword research – looking at external tools as well as the data within your adwords account for potential new keywords and negative keywords.
  • Research into viability of different adwords features that could be beneficial to the account.
  • Using Google Analytics for a more detailed insight into the adwords performance.
  • Making suggestions for landing page optimisation
  • Monthly reporting – with results explained in plain English. Well and poorly performing areas are highlighted and explained. Explanation of what work has been carried out in that month and what will be carried out in the following month. Reporting is time consuming but it is absolutely essential, it drives progress and strategy.
  • Ongoing competitor research – looking at what keywords competitors are bidding on, and looking at their landing pages, etc.

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