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Why Tiger Eye?

Why Tiger Eye?

Why Tiger Eye?

We believe that Tiger Eye Digital has some very compelling competitive advantages, and we’ve listed the reasons for engaging us for your PPC projects.

Our brand values – the foundation of Tiger Eye Digital is our core values. We’re a straightforward agency with strong principles, and we’re completely transparent. And our approach to work is focussed on two things; quality and the growth of our clients’ businesses.

We are a PPC only agency – this is a big one for us. Unlike many other digital agencies, we just want to be great at one thing! PPC is our passion – all of our time, research and business planning is focussed 100% on PPC. By specialising in PPC, we can fully commit ourselves to making your campaigns a success, with no distractions.

Measurability – We want our clients to calculate exactly what return they get on every single £1 they invest on PPC.  We use some very clever software that enables this calculation with no leakage whatsoever.

We offer a personal service – when you meet us, you’ll see that we are people who are genuinely motivated to deliver a service that inspires long term relationships. We want our clients to think of us as their PPC partner.

Our prices are totally transparent – Our prices are fair, and unlike a lot of PPC agencies, we publish our pricing structure clearly on our website.

No minimum contracts – we don’t want you to feel trapped by your relationship with us. We want you to work with us because you choose to and because we are doing a great job.

We’re not only obsessed with Google – Google is the biggest and best PPC platform on the planet, and we love it! But there are other PPC channels available and we can manage campaigns across them all.

We’re a small agency with small overheads – this is good news for our clients because we can charge less for the services we provide.

We’re not geeks – we live and breathe PPC but we are normal people too – honest! We won’t confuse you with technical jargon and meaningless acronyms. We’ll talk in plain English to make sure you fully understand everything we’re doing and why.

We never stop learning – the world of PPC is fast moving and ever changing. We love new developments and functionalities and we are always looking for new ways to enhance what we do at Tiger Eye Digital.

You own your account – the account we create for you is 100% yours. Should you decide to stop working with us (sad face) we hand over the account lock, stock and barrel to you and terminate our access to it.

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