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What is PPC?

Every single day billions of searches are conducted through the world’s main search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo.

PPC (pay per click) marketing gives you a unique opportunity to get in front of people looking for what your business is selling.

The basic model of pay per click is:

  • You set maximum bids on the keywords and phrases you want your site to appear for
  • Users type in those keywords
  • Your bid enters an auction with other people bidding on those phrases
  • A complex algorithm decides, based on multiple factors, where your ad should appear
  • A user clicks your ad and you pay a fee

The algorithm that decides which position your ad appears in the search results is based heavily on Quality Score. Quality Score is a score out of 10 - 10 being the best. Search engines use this score to work out how relevant your ad is to what the user is searching for.

We can optimise your Quality Score so that you get the most relevant traffic to your website at the best price.

It's not all about search engines...

Paid social campaigns can be just as effective as paid search campaigns. The number of active users on Facebook, for example, is well over a billion, with people logging into their account multiple times during the course of a day.

Getting your business in front of people when they are relaxed and interacting with their friends is a great way of building your brand awareness and driving clicks to your website.

The levels of targeting you can achieve through paid social marketing is vast – meaning you create specific ads for specific groups of people very easily.

We work across all the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc.

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