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Free PPC Audit

Managing a PPC account is not easy – it can be baffling as to why your campaigns are struggling and what to do to improve performance.

Our free PPC audit will identify those areas of your account that are letting you down and give you insights into what to do next.

What will we look at?

Our audit will analyse multiple areas of your account, such as:

  • Account structure – the architecture of an account is very important to its success – our audit will highlight any areas of improvement
  • Quality Score – our audit will analyse the Quality Score of your keywords and make suggestions on how to improve them
  • Where your spend is going – ensuring your budget is being spent in the right places and not wasted on irrelevant clicks
  • Ad copy – we’ll suggest improvements and extensions to your ad copy that will increase your click through rate
  • Landing pages – we can make suggestions on how you could optimise your landing pages and improve conversion rate

There are other areas of analysis which will be included in our audit report, which is completely free of charge.

If you think our PPC audit could help you with your paid campaigns, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 1 working day.

Don’t worry, there really is no obligation.

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