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Tiger Eye.

An honest, no-nonsense digital agency specialising purely in Paid Search (PPC)

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Why Tiger Eye?


Our number one brand value is honesty. We’ll give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


We don’t get distracted by other digital marketing channels. We focus on PPC only, and we know our subject inside and out.


No minimum contracts. You are free to walk away at any time and that keeps us on our toes.


We talk in simple plain English and we’ll never baffle you with jargon and pointless acronyms.

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What is PPC anyway?

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Paid Search (or Pay Per Click) is a marketing channel like no other – and we love it!

Paid Search marketing gives you the opportunity to advertise to internet users searching for your products or services.

When managed well, PPC campaigns can bring new customers to your websites, bring old customers back to you and ultimately enable you to achieve your business goals.

Tiger Eye Digital, based in Warrington, has the knowledge and experience to create and manage effective PPC campaigns across various platforms to drive leads and conversions to your website as well as driving brand awareness.

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How we work with you

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What Is Quality Score & How To Improve It

When managing an AdWords account it is crucial that you continuously work on improving your Quality Score. A higher Quality Score can result in better positions and lower CPC’s – something every AdWords advertiser wants to achieve! So, what is Quality Score all about? When people talk about Quality Score they normally think about keywords. Indeed, Google only admits to the existence of keyword Quality Score and this is all…

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Why is your landing page so important?

One thing you’ll hear talked about a lot in the world of PPC is your landing page. A landing page has the ability to make or break your paid marketing efforts so getting it right is of the upmost importance. It doesn’t matter how good your AdWords account is; how well structured it is, how tightly themed your ad groups are, how well you’ve mastered match types or how amazing…

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